Returning to Creative Pursuits

About a year ago, I took a break from the little blog I had been writing (it was called Painting Sunny) in order to focus on my new-ish full-time job and getting our family settled into a new home. We had just bought our first house, the kids had just started a new school, and in the delicate balance of family life something had to give. Honestly, I had been inconsistent about blogging for months at that point and realized I needed to ground myself and focus on doing a few things well instead of a bunch of stuff sort-of-okay. This worked for me! Lots of paint went up on walls, we feel more connected to our new little town, I've gained more experiences in my work place, and we've adopted a new kitten. It was an awesome decision.

What about now? I'm feeling a little more fresh and focused and have found myself sketching again, writing again, and feeling more inspired by others. The focused part includes reflecting on my past creative efforts, which we basically all need to do regularly.

What worked in the past? I really enjoyed writing every day, and missed that part of it so much! Also, the house renovation stuff will always be happening in my life, and I enjoyed sharing it with others. Sketching and designing is like meditation, and makes the whole day feel completed - I need to keep doing that, and connecting with others keeps me feeling motivated and inspired.

What didn't work for me? I did a lot of "testing the water" when I blogged before, and that was super helpful. The best way for me to learn was to try a bunch of stuff, make some mistakes, figuring out what was exciting and what felt forced. Now, it's important for me to feel more centered and focused in my interests. I tried to do a LOT of stuff in one little place on the internet, and it was too much. I've always been a "there is a place for everything" person, and I think that fits here too. Instagram is great for smaller updates, personal stuff, and everyday life. Twitter was made for quick updates. Trying to make those things into posts just feels weird and things get lost.

So, I'm happy and excited and hope you will join me. Let's pursue creative work, spend too much time comparing paint colors, and try to fit our dreams into every day between meetings, errands, the kid's soccer games and cooking dinner.