(So Many) Plans for the Upstairs Bath

When we chose our house, a BIG selling point was it having more than one bathroom. It is only 1.5, but still! For some reason, in our region it seems like a second bathroom is elusive... At least in our price point. A wood stove? A balcony? A above-ground-pool? Fine. Even the tiniest powder room? It's the unicorn of home features. So, not only does our house have a ground-floor half-bath we have already given a face-lift, but a full-bath upstairs that is actually a decent size! Yay!

Of course, it needs a ton of work. Dun dun DUN...

These are the before pictures from right after we bought the house; we were just starting to work on it (hence the tube of caulk on the sink).

In this picture, nothing had yet been updated except caulk around the sink. Since then, almost nothing has been updated except we added a on-sale shower curtain from Target and replaced the toilet. Why replace the toilet? It had a small crack down the side of the tank, and the covers for the bolts were missing. Then, it sprung a leak around the wax ring - eek! It didn't make sense to spend $$$ on a plumber to fix a toilet that was already cracked and in bad shape, so we went ahead and replaced it instead. We found an American Standard brand at Lowes that was on sale, and had a good deal on installation, but best of all is one with a built-in liner to reduce sweating, which is SO NICE when our toilet is right above a baseboard heater. Totally worth it!

This room is not yet a huge priority - but we do have plans! So many many plans:

See? A lot to do! I'm thinking this is the perfect project for this winter, which upstate NY sends us huddling indoors for about 10 months straight (I'm not bitter about it or anything. Really.) I've pinned a lot of our plans to our Upstairs Bathroom Reno Pinterest board, too.

  1. This is similar (although not exact) to the fabric of our shower curtain; but I found it on clearance from Target's Threshold line for $14 or so, and can't find any good pictures!
  2. The Ikea Ragrund Shelving Unit. A like the wood tone, and that it has so many many shelves! More storage is always good, and we have the perfect corner for it.
  3. Some bamboo shades! (I pinned these ones from Lowes). We have two good-sized windows (which is great) and need some privacy! We already covered the bottom halves with privacy films, but this would be perfect for the top half.
  4. Some storage bins for cotton balls, etc. (Fryken boxes from Ikea).
  5. I love the shape of this mirror (Broan Mirage mirror, at Lowes)! As you can see, our current medicine cabinet is... umm.. outdated? Is that polite enough? We need something more updated! I still have to find some lights for above, too...
  6. Awesome inspiration for the bead board detailing and trim I'm planning to do, to make a great landing-space for towel hooks (from Newly Woodwards).
  7. We have a lot of leftover paint from the staircase (which I'll share more about later), from a good Labor Day sale, and need to use it! Maybe a light gray above the trim? Thoughts? The color is White Dove, by Benjamin Moore.
  8. I'm looking for a little humidity-proof stool for the corner of the bathroom - something compact but cute, like this one from Overstock (but hopefully more affordable).
  9. One of the biggest decisions to make... a vanity! I will be so excited for a vanity. Right now, it's just old pipes hanging out under the sink, and they do pretty much nothing for me. I like the drawers on this one from Home Depot, but the price-point is a little ouch!
  10. A trash-bin is a must, and I like the way this one blends in - and that it's $12! (Strapats from Ikea)
  11. I'm scouting out flooring options, and as much as I love the idea of beautiful tile or other fancy options, I could easily DIY install a vinyl option, and pretty much anything would be a 1000% improvement over the current situation. And, I like how nice an waterproof this stuff from Home Depot seems.
  12. We not only need a new bathmat, I would love a patterned one that would add a modern feel. This one is from West Elm.
  13. Very affordable candles to add a little ambiance, from Ikea.
  14. Towel hooks! So much better than our current towel bars! With four people in the house, one full-sized towel bar feels ridiculous. I think these satin nickel finish ones look amazing!

A few of the most inspiring images from my bathroom-related Pinterest board (everyone has one of those, right?):

source / source / source

Now, WHAT do I do about the bath surround? Seriously. Thoughts on Bathfitters-type-option vs. tile for the shower surround? I have never used a wet saw, so that factors in. Also, any exhaust fan options that actually look good?