43 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When Starting A Blog

43 thoughts that go through your head when starting a blog. - danielleandco.com

I'm in the early days with this blog, just getting it off the ground which is exciting and stressful and fun and weird. I'll have totally irrational thoughts about making crazy changes to the blog, or get super discouraged looking at blogs that are doing far more amazing things. Finally, after spending an entire shower dwelling on these topics while I washed my hair, basically as soon as I stepped out I grabbed my phone and without my glasses on typed most of this list as a total brain dump. If you've ever felt similarly - well, please let me know, so I know I'm not alone!

  1. Do people like what I write?
  2. Do my pictures suck? Do I suck at "white balance"?How do I use this camera? Let me push a bunch of random buttons. I do not know how to use this camera.
  3. Is taking iPhone pictures cheating? Can people tell?
  4. Should I just be an assistant to a really famous blogger? 
  5. Do any really famous bloggers live near me? Let me google. Nope, they do not.
  6. What if someone offered to sponsor a post? Do I have rules about that? 
  7. What if they offered me free stuff? I'd probably like free stuff.
  8. Will there ever be a GOMI about me? (I hope not)
  9. Will I ever be popular enough to have a GOMI about me? Do I hope not?
  10. I just finished a blog post! I am amazing! My blogging game is on fleek. I am seizing the day! Carpe freaking diem!
  11. Oh wait. I still need to share it on Pinterest/Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Google+/whatever the hell the other new social medias are. Oh, and approve comments. And reply to comments. (If I get any comments). And send it out to my email list. And maybe turn it into a newsletter? Submit it to buzzfeed? Why is this so much work?
  12. Do my friends and family think I'm crazy?
  13. Does my significant other think I'm crazy?
  14. Do people think I just want attention? I don't even like attention! Well, most of the time.
  15. Do I post too much personal stuff?
  16. Do I not post enough person stuff, and people won't feel connected to me? 
  17. Am I funny? I'm probably not funny. But I do think I'm funny... I'm probably funny. At least as funny as (insert name of other blogger, or colleague, or sibling or whoever).
  18. Should I have paid for a custom header image?
  19. Ohhhh what if I made custom header images for a job?
  20. I really need to focus on a theme! How about X? X is what I'm good at. X is what I care about. Yep, my blog will be about X.
  21. OMG, that blog is amazing. That blog about parasailing/crockpot meals/Cher impersonators is amazing. Should I blog about parasailing/crock pot meals/Cher impersonators?
  22. I've never even been parasailing/don't own a crockpot/don't know any Cher impersonators. I guess I'll stick with X?
  23. Is this a waste of money?
  24. Is this the answer to everything?
  25. Am I actually not spending enough money on this?
  26. Futility - there are so many amazing blogs. Ugh, just look at that one. I'll never be that good. Why am I even trying?
  27. WAIT. I don't need to compare myself to others! I can be awesome, and so can they! Who cares about a saturated market!
  28. Is the market really that saturated?
  29. Did I catch the tail end of blogging, like that quote in the movie Almost Famous? Did I get here just in time for the Death Rattle?
  30. Should I do Periscope videos? Or "scopes" as I think they're called?
  31. Does my hair look good enough for Periscope... "scopes"?
  32. Do I care enough about SEO?
  33. Should I go to a blog conference? Would the bloggers there like me, or would they be mean girls? They all sound nice, but there has to be at least a few Regina George's. Or would I be the Regina George? Yikes.
  34. I love blogging! I can do whatever I want! It's my blog!
  35. Should I do more of what other people want? 
  36. Is Twitter over? Is it just old people now? Honestly, I mostly follow NPR so it's probably just old people now.
  37. Do my Instagram photos look good enough?
  38. That's it. I should rebel and only have totally casual, not even trying to be perfect photos. People would totally be accepting and appreciate my sincerity.
  39. Still, if I just push that onnnne McDonalds cup out of the way this photo would be so much classier. Nobody is honest anyway, right?
  40. Do all the other bloggers live in LA or Utah?
  41. Should I move to LA or Utah?
  42. How do people get so much stuff done? Do they all stay up until 1 AM? But I'm tired. I don't want to stay up until 1 AM.
  43. Is 1 AM when all the awesome ideas happen?

Really, what I most want to say is how much I admire people who put themselves out there everyday. It is hard. Let's leave with a quote by the Bloggess (her title alone certifies her as an expert, right?) from this post: "It’s about writing whatever crazy shit you want to write and having some people say “YES!  I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” and some say “What the shit is wrong with you?” and 99.99% of the world say nothing because they don’t know I exist.  And that is blogging."

Any other crazy thoughts I should be having?