Holiday Gift Guide: 19 Gift Ideas Creative Entrepreneurs

Managing a creative business is challenging, time-consuming, and takes a lot of resources. Most importantly, you need support from those around you and to know they believe in your work. This holiday season, you can support the entrepreneur in your life by choosing a gift that gives them a creative boost and edge up in their daily work!

I've gathered up 19 gift ideas that are specifically fit for the hard-working, innovative & fun creatives in your life. They are all things I know I'd be happy find inside a bright-wrapped package! I've sorted them into three categories so you can find just the right gift you're looking for (even if it's just to buy for yourself, after-all.)

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Gifts To Add To Their Tool Belt

Gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs; how to add to their tool belt this holiday season! From danielle & co.
  1. iPhone Tripod, $21: This small, flexible smartphone mount means being able do more, almost anywhere. Great for taking photos and videos hands-free, or multi-tasking while you're on FaceTime.

  2. Elle & Company Library subscription, $6.99/month: I have followed Elle & Company for quite awhile now, and Lauren Hooker is one of the best resources for running a creative business that I know of. She has put together a library described as "a convenient, inexpensive online collection of workbooks, templates, and files to help entrepreneurs organize and customize the behind-the-scenes of their business." Totally worth it, for the same cost as a cup of fancy coffee.

  3. Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, $20: Never have a phone die mid-brainstorm chat or photo session again! Just the size of a tube of lipstick, it can be easily tucked into any messenger bag and will always come in clutch.

  4. Denim-Covered iPhone Cable, $12: Avoid getting into "is this cord mine or yours?" conversation, and keep them from dangling and fraying too.

  5. Professional Headshots: Having a professional photog take your photo may feel like a splurge, but in a competitive business world the right image can mean everything. If you're looking for headshots on a budget, consider hiring a photography-major college student or someone just starting out; I had outdoor headshots taken by a student two years ago, and for $60 have a great set of quirky, high-quality photos I can use everywhere. (Photo by Adil Ansari on Unsplash.)

  6. Adjustable Laptop Desk, $45: You've probably heard sitting is the new smoking, and this light-weight laptop desk can turn any regular-height counter or desk into a standing one. It can always be adjusted to a lapdesk for lounging on the sofa, when late-night emails need answered.

  7. Wood-look Photo Backdrop, $18 for 3'x3': This high-quality, non-glare vinyl backdrop by Simply Photodrops on Etsy provides a quick, on-trend background to any product-photography or Instagram post.

Gifts To Upgrade Their Office

Gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs; how to add upgrade their office this holiday season! From danielle & co.
  1. Cable Management System, $9: It may not sound exciting, but every entrepreneur has a lot of things plugged in and charging at once. This versatile cable management system can corral all of those loose cords and keep them neat, lined-up, and out of sight.

  2. Don't F*cking Procrastinate Mug, $19: For the person who needs some tough love (and/or has a sense of humor), this bluntly phrased mug will serve up some motivation with their coffee.

  3. Marble Laptop Cover, $13: For a more polished look (yes, that was a marble pun.) this classy-looking laptop cover can make a device seem fancier, for way less cost than an upgrade.

  4. Motivational Pencils, $8 for set of 6: Give them a daily reminder of how hard they hustle and how answer they are, with these affordable message-pencils by CurioPress on Etsy.

  5. HappyLight, $32: As someone who lives in a cold, dark climate much of the year (I'm glaring at you, upstate NY), this is a practical gift that will keep giving, as it lifts an entrepreneur's spirits while they're stuck inside working.

  6. Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse, $60: One of the pricier gifts on this list, these wood keyboard & mouse combos are so unique they are sure to be something they don't already have.

  7. Don't Look Back Art Print, $24 for 11"x14" size: Remind them everyday of how much you believe in their work! This print is available in a range of sizes, by TypeCadCo on Etsy.

Gifts To Enrich Their Experience

Gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs; how to enrich their experience this holiday season! From danielle & co.
  1. Entrepreneur Magazine, $10.99 for an annual subscription: For your friend or family that loves Ted Talks and wants to talk shop over coffee, they can get a year's supply of detailed information & inspiration for just under $11.

  2. Marimekko Postcards, $16 for 100: Everyone running a creative business needs to network; these beautiful, artistic postcards will be memorable when they are sent as a thank-you after an interview, or to request a coffee date.

  3. Audible Subscription, $45 for 3 months: When you're spending hours crafting, making, or typing it can make the time go a lot faster to have something interesting or inspiring to listen to. While podcasts are amazing (and often free), there are so many books it's hard to find the time to read them.

  4. An Inspiring Book, $11 each: I highly recommend Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, for a boost in how to take creative risks. Adam J. Kurtz is one of my favorite entrepreneurs to follow on Instagram, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Things Are What You Make Of Them.

  5. Canvas Fold-Over Backpack, $98: Help them haul all those laptops and notepads in style and comfortable. This bag by Hershel is a perfect fit to keep items secure, and in a neutral and dark enough fabric to hide the inevitable espresso stains. (Link updated 11.28.18 to similar bag to the Madewell one originally shown. I have had a Hershel bag for years now that I adore.)

Well, that's a wrap! I hope this gift round-up has given you some fresh, new gift ideas for that entrepreneur in your life.

What other gift ideas would you recommend? Do you have a favorite gift to give?

- Dani

Gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs; how to add to their tool belt, upgrade their office, and enrich their experience this holiday season! From danielle & co.

Gift ideas for creative entrepreneurs; how to add to their tool belt, upgrade their office, and enrich their experience this holiday season! From danielle & co.