Design Around Vintage Pink Tile

The 1950s gave us a lot of good things: credit cards, Hula Hoops, and pink tile bathrooms! I struggle with those first two. Pink tile bathrooms though, have their own special charm! It seems like everyone is either working around, tearing out, or fighting to save their pink tile bathrooms. I don't actually have one... I wish! Our bathrooms came distinctly more boring than that. Pink bathrooms are all over the internet (did you know there is even a and I just can't resist throwing my own hat in the ring.

My inspiration is cheerful, bright, and whimsical - picture a sunset at the beach! Most of the pink tiled bathrooms I could find on the internet leaned more bold and glamorous, which looks amazing - but I don't think it's the only option when working with this classic tile!

Designing around vintage pink tile to create a bright, cheerful, whimsical space! danielle and co.

Style Board Elements

  1. "find a sunnier place" print by Emily Jeffords
  2. "spring winds" print by Emily Jeffords
  3. Bell White Flush Mount Lamp, CB2
  4. Alto Sconce, Cedar & Moss
  5. Metal Framed Wall Mirror, West Elm
  6. Spring Mint by Benjamin Moore
  7. Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore
  8. Whale Shower Curtain, West Elm
  9. Devonshire bath and shower faucet set, Kohler
  10. Parkay Hamper, CB2
  11. Fieldcrest Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels, Target
  12. Devonshire towel ring, Kohler
  13. Avanity Brooks Double Sink Vanity, Lamps Plus
  14. Wooden Whale Nail Brush, CB2
  15. Zigzag Bath Mat, West Elm
  16. Waterscape Scented Candles, West Elm
  17. Dottingham Black Robe Hook, Lowes
  18. Vintage pink tile (usually comes with the bathroom, but our local architectural salvage place, Significant Elements, often has some in stock!)

The Cedar & Moss sconces are a big splurge, but they are just oh so lovely! If anyone knows of an affordable-look-alike, please let me know! The prints by Emily Jeffords are perfect. She has original paintings for sale too, but the price of the prints is very attainable. I've followed Emily Jefford's work for awhile now, and admire it very much. The shower curtain with little whales was just too hard to resist. :)

Check out a few inspiring rooms!

Designing around vintage pink tile to create a bright, cheerful, whimsical space! danielle and co.
Designing around vintage pink tile to create a bright, cheerful, whimsical space! danielle and co.
Designing around vintage pink tile to create a bright, cheerful, whimsical space! danielle and co.


My favorite moments in the inspiration photos above are the lovely browns against the pink of the tiles; that simple, clean-lined vanity in the second photo, and the geometric floor tiles in the third. The pink adds this lovely soft glow to the whole space.

Have you ever lived with a vintage pink tile bathroom? If you had one, would you work with it or break out the sledgehammer?

Amazon Amazing Lighting: 10 Stylish Pendant Lights

I'm a big online shopping fan. I get the idea of retail therapy, and while a trip into HomeGoods can be fun and energetic it also can be stressful. Also, what is it about the grocery store on Saturdays that brings out the competitive spirit in people? Once, in Wegman's, I watched a women completely freak out on everyone else for not following "the rules of the dairy aisle" - it was pretty intense and I still don't fully understand what the unwritten policies are for picking up a gallon of milk! I turn to Amazon for a lot of things; we have an Amazon Prime membership and definitely make the most of it. Amazon has everything from my favorite flavors of Larabars, to Volkswagon hubcaps (that one surprised me). I actually just bought a new cover for our bathroom exhaust fan, and it's a discontinued model!

BTW, this post is not sponsored even that I realize I sound super effusive about my Amazon shopping. I did include affiliate links - all opinions, however, are my own and I'm pretty sure Amazon has no idea that I exist.

So, when I was browsing for lighting options for various rooms in our house, I was surprised that Amazon had so many options that were unique and stylish looking! Some of them were cooler looking than what I found at much fancier retailers! I thought while I had so many of them bookmarked, I'd go ahead and share my favorites!

10 style pendant light options available on Amazon - they may surprise you! Style round-up from danielle and co.

10 Stylish Pendant Lights On Available On Amazon

  1. Mini Style Chandelier, from Light In The Box via Amazon
  2. Single Light Mini Pendant, from Miseno (I just checked and this is no longer on Amazon, but is on Houzz so I've updated the link here... Hopefully it will be back though!)
  3. Ecopower Industrial Edison Pendant Glass Hanging Light, from CLAXY via Amazon
  4. Round Clear Glass Pendant Lighting, from WinSoon via Amazon
  5. Embarcadero Three-Light Pendant, from Forecast Lighting via Amazon
  6. Indoor 3-light Black Pendant Chandelier, from Jojospring via Amazon
  7. Fresnel Collection 1-light Pendant, from Progress Lighting via Amazon
  8. Schoolhouse Collection 1-light Mini Pendant, from Progress Lighting via Amazon
  9. White Lotus Ceiling Pendant Kit, from Excelvan via Amazon
  10. Polygon Wire Pendant Light, from YOBO Lighting via Amazon

What are your favorites? I think mine is No. 4. It's just so round and pretty! I also love how simple No. 8 is... it reminds me of farm houses when I was growing up. I love that sense of nostalgia. No. 7 is pricey but looks so hefty and has such a presence. No. 9 is SO affordable, it would be hard to resist for a nursery.

Have you purchased higher-end looking finishes or accessories off Amazon? Do you look there first, or are you more of a brick & mortar shopper?

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting this blog!